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5 Tips for Finding the Best Recruiting Firm for Your Company

CPG Recruitment Firms Can Enhance Your Talent Acquisition

Thanks to online employment posting sites like Indeed and networking sites like LinkedIn, broadcasting job listings and finding new faces for your company is easier than ever. On the other hand, easy access to such user-friendly platforms also means that sourcing quality hires from the countless applicants can be like finding a nettle in a haystack. While these job sites certainly have their place, companies looking for specialized candidates to move their business forward know that sometimes the help of a recruiting firm is the only way to go.

While the thought of collaborating with a recruiting firm might be intimidating, the right firm acts as a mediator between companies and candidates, alleviating some of the stress surrounding a more conventional search for hires. For one, experienced recruiting firms save time for their clients by directing their attention to the applicants that best meet their hiring needs, providing a narrower, but more qualified, pool of talent. Clear communication and collaboration with recruiters gives your business an authority in the field who knows the type of candidates that you’re looking for and who can help facilitate that connection.

That’s not to say, however, that all companies and all recruitment firms are a good fit for one another. The hiring process can be a bit like matchmaking, so you’ll want to find a firm that understands your company well enough to pair you with the ideal hire. Before blindly agreeing to work with the first firm that crosses your path, consider these five tips!

1. Find the Firm Who Knows the Industry

It’s crucial to work with a recruiting firm with expertise in your particular industry! Just as you wouldn’t go to a dentist for chest pain, you don’t want to employ an agency that specializes in candidates outside of your field of industry. No matter how skilled and how many connections your firm might hold, their assistance could waste your time and money if they lack specific knowledge of the niche roles that you need to fill and the most qualified talent to fill those positions.

2. Find the Firm with Similar Values

Although this tip might seem a little more abstract, be sure to make sure that your recruiter’s professional values mostly align with those of your company. What qualities does your firm prize the most for their own business? Clear communication? Interpersonal relationships? Efficiency? What traits do they look for in their hires? Even if your business’s values don’t totally line up with your potential firm’s, it’s key to express the characteristics that you want to uphold. This way, the recruiting agency can help to match you with candidates that share these similar values.

3.   Weigh Your Costs

A recruitment firm can lend your company a competitive edge in the hiring process, but be sure to weigh your costs before bringing on a firm. Often, firms require a one-time hiring fee equaling a percentage of the hire’s first year’s salary. Firms’ rates also frequently depend on factors like:

  • Number of positions needing filled
  • Positions needing filled (CFO, VP, Brand Manager, etc.)
  • Job Type (Full-time, part-time,etc.)
  • Hire’s estimated salary

When speaking with a potential firm, don’t be afraid to ask exactly what services your payment will be covering. Before going with an agency, compare the rates of different companies and see what best fits within your budget while meeting your hiring requirements.

4.   Consider a Firm’s Online Presence

Often, a recruitment firm’s online presence can be a strong indicator of their activity and authority in the industry. In this modern age, technology is a chief asset for developing relationships and promoting one’s services in any field. Recruiting firms are no exception. When searching for firms online, you might want to consider whether or not their website or LinkedIn profile are up to date. You might also want to take a look at the firm’s social media pages. These features alone will give you an idea of how much they engage with their clientele and the industry at large. If you visit their webpage, be sure to look for features like:

  • Testimonials
  • Mission Statements
  • Team Member Profiles

Nine times out of ten, a firm committed to representing their company authentically and professionally will also carry the same dedication to their hiring process. Keep a firm’s online presence in mind when weighing them as a potential partner for your business.

5.   Interview the Firm for Yourself

When it comes time to choose a recruiting firm, conduct an interview with any hiring team that you think might be a good fit for your needs. Remember, when you commit to a firm, you’re not just committing to them, but to the new hires that could change the entire shape of your company. A first meeting shows you whether or not you and your firm communicate well with one another. Depending on your hiring demands, you could be collaborating for a few weeks or you could be forming a more abiding partnership. Whatever their qualifications, the firm should click with you as an individual company. An interview also helps to answer any questions that you might have about their role in the hiring process and the costs of their services. Ultimately, interviewing a recruiting firm is the best way to set guidelines between your business and the firm and to establish rapport in the early stages of your professional relationship.

Above all, find a recruitment firm that works for you!

No two recruitment firms are the same, so find the one that is willing to work with your unique professional history and mission in order to build a better future for your company. Find a firm like the Grady Group.

The Grady Group is a nationally recognized top consumer packaged goods recruiting firm focused on giving small to mid-size CPG companies a competitive edge. Our targeted approach to hiring depends upon our personal relationships with professionals already thriving in the industry. With over 500 successful placements since 1999, we have honed our recruitment strategy to an art.

Interested in taking your business to the next level? Contact us today to learn how we can help you find the talent that you’ve been searching for.

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