The Grady Group

Confidential Executive Search

Replacing a leader on the team is a heavy and emotionally charged situation, especially when it requires confidentiality. The leader, the team, and the organization deserve the respect and integrity that come with keeping the search process confidential.

At Grady Group, we understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality in tricky recruitment situations. Keeping the process confidential allows for open and honest conversations, which leads to seamless and productive transitions.

Reasons to Conduct a Confidential Executive Search

We take the following considerations into account:

  • Involving as few people as possible in the search, perhaps just your HR leader and Grady Group.
  • Rewriting the job description to avoid disclosing the company name or using key terms that could give it away.
  • Having a well-defined interview plan and knowing when to bring in Grady Group and at what stage of the candidacy process to represent your company.
  • Deciding whether a non-disclosure agreement is necessary and the consequences of breaking confidentiality.

Even with these considerations in place, it can be nearly impossible to reach out to a candidate without your company being immediately identified through tools like Google and LinkedIn. That’s where Grady Group steps in. Our covert approach to outreach and initial interviews allows us to pique interest, preserve authenticity, and protect your confidentiality.

Why Work with an Agency?

At Grady Group, we take a covert approach to our outreach and initial interviews. This approach helps us learn more about the person behind the resume, rather than having them feel confined to one role based on a job description. We let them be their genuine selves and talk about what’s important to them, equipping us with the knowledge to match their skills and core values with the role and find authentic alignment.

Our covert approach allows us to represent your employment brand without disclosing the company name or market differentiators. Partnering with Grady Group for confidential executive search will protect your team, brand, and drive authentic alignment with your new hire.