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Building a Better Team with a CPG Recruiter

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Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Tips for Any Company

It’s no secret that a company’s success depends on the professionals standing behind it. As the old adage goes, a chain can only be as strong as its weakest link. Building a better team isn’t just about one-time recruitment. It’s about proactively connecting with leaders and innovators in your industry to create a fluid pipeline of talent to your company. That’s where talent acquisition and recruitment come into play.

Contrary to popular belief, talent acquisition and recruitment are not one and the same, although both are integral to building and maintaining a thriving team and work culture. So what is the difference between the two? Whereas recruitment is a more limited process targeted toward filling vacant roles within a company, talent acquisition refers to the continuous and proactive approach to developing strategic relationships with qualified folks in your industry. In other words, recruitment refers to the immediate hiring process, while talent acquisition applies to building a web of professional connections.

When it comes to assembling your company’s dream team, you need a blend of recruitment and acquisition. You need to pay attention to the specific roles that existing and potential team members play in helping you to achieve your short and long-term goals.

Looking to bolster your company’s team or professional circle? Consider implementing these acquisition and recruitment tips.

Create Your Company’s Road Map

As you begin your journey towards talent acquisition or recruitment, set down some characteristics of your ideal workers and your vision for them within your company, almost like a road map. Just as you would not begin a road trip without first considering your route, don’t neglect to plan the path to your business’s success when assessing your team. Whether you are looking to take on new members or simply seeking to restructure your current team, make a mental road map of where you would like your company to be and how you can get there. Your team will be vital in helping you to move along this path. Before setting out to acquire new talent, ask yourself where you are now as opposed to where you would like for your company to be. Even more importantly, who do you need to help you get there and who do you want to take with you?

Share Your Vision with Your Team Members

As you move along the road to a stronger team and a brighter future for your business, make sure to share your vision with your team members. After all, these are the people that will help your business reach its fullest potential! Summarize your objectives in a concise mission statement that you can communicate to your employees and those outside your company, whether they be future clients or potential partners. By sharing your vision with your established employees, you ensure that you are all working towards a common goal and provide an incentive to overcome the countless obstacles that inevitably surface. In the long run, sharing your vision for the company with your team inspires a sense of camaraderie and cultivates a sense of ownership and pride among employees,

When trying to broaden your professional network, broadcast your goals to anyone with whom you want to connect. While an old-fashioned face-to-face conversation never fails, social media and other online campaigns can be valuable assets for sourcing talent and generating leads, especially when you market your company enthusiastically and authentically.

Enhance Your Workplace Environment

As you look to expand your professional circle, strive to create a work culture that makes employees eager to come to work and that encourages newcomers to bring their unique skills to the table. No one wants to work in an office riddled with drama or where the boss always prioritizes his or her own agenda above the vision and the desire of the employees. Allow your team members to feel like they have a voice in the company. Remember to always celebrate the little victories with your staff and to acknowledge and reward personal successes.

For new hires, establish a solid and comprehensive onboarding plan that meets their specialized needs. Communicate your expectations early and clearly. These initial impressions will color the rest of their time with your company!

Consider Your Candidates within the Bigger Picture

When it comes time to bring on a new hire, don’t rely solely on a candidate’s resume or even on their interview. While these methods indicate an applicant’s professional history, they do not always allow for getting to know a candidate on a more personal level. Your search for a new team member should be qualitative as much as quantitative. Make a list of concrete requirements for future team members, but treat each candidate as an individual. Think about how they might personally contribute to the group dynamic. If you’re serious about a potential hire, consider getting to know them more over lunch or a cup of coffee. Even if you decide that an applicant might not be the right fit for your company, treat them with respect and dignity and thank them for their time. You want their impression of your company to remain positive!

Turn to Experts You Can Trust

As you strive to build the ideal team for your company, it’s okay to feel like you’re in a little over your head. However skilled you may be at connecting with movers and shakers in your field, don’t be afraid to rely on a seasoned recruiting firm when it comes to making the hire. Recruiting firms have the benefit of connecting you with the talent that they think will be a good fit for your company and eliminating those they think will not, thus saving you time. When looking for a quality firm, seek out an experienced group with knowledge of the industry and an aptitude for communication.

Turn to the Grady Group for Your Hiring Needs

Your company’s dream team can’t be built in a day, but the right recruiting firm can certainly aid in the process. That’s where the Grady Group can lend a hand. We’ve been leaders in the CPG recruitment industry since 1999 with over 500 successful placements to show for our efforts. Join in the companies already satisfied with the connections that we have helped them to make. Let us introduce you to game changing talent.

Contact the Grady Group today to see how we can help you meet your hiring needs.

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